15 indispensable acts for the 2018 festival


Those Scandies know for sure how to spawn a great singer. The Norwegian Sigrid has quickly become a pop sensation. The 20-year-old winner of the BBC & # 39; s Sound of 2018 gathers an ever-expanding fanbase with its agile ability to blend the melancholy, melancholy of Lorde with the power and energy of the Danish fireworks MØ. Like her fellow sisters, she is a lover of the sad-banger, she excels in emotional confessionals about pulsating beats that can transform the dance floor into a refuge for the vulnerable and loveless.

Her delicate, ethereal voice floats over dramatic hook-soaked songs such as the irresistible earworm Strangers and the icy electropop of her mission statement, Do not Kill My Vibe . The refined nature of her songwriting, combined with her strong determination not to be dismissed as the taste of the month, will undoubtedly produce a powerful performance. The audience of Electric Picnic is up for her, ready to be proclaimed.

Dua Lipa

Who does not want to witness thousands of girls in a field shouting the words New Rules as a frightening chorus of stupid aunts? New rules was not only the number that was defined in 2017, it is now also a moral guide for everyone who has had to deal with a dreaded ex. They are Martin Luther's 95 theses but about useless boys and distilled in a three-minute pop song. Dua does not mess. There is no time to lose now that her career changes supernova. After a few false starts (which showed her different tracks again until they finally got stuck) she is a symbol of perseverance in the face of apathy. A smart, sultry star with an arsenal of sensational pop hits, her success is the old-fashioned kind with every second song a single, making her debut album sound like a collection of the greatest hits. She is a real world beater and her performance will certainly be an unforgettable EP moment.


Pharrell Williams is one of the architects of modern pop music. His fingerprints are the biggest hits of his work with everyone from Daft Punk to Justin Timberlake, he combines a magpie aesthetic with an inborn inventiveness – the fusion of the past of soul and disco with a freewheeling futurism full of skittering beats and fleshy hip-hop licks.

His passion project NERD is perhaps best known for their nineties filthy dance floor fillers such as Lapdance and She Wants to Move but last year's album No One Ever Really Dies was a less rectilinear, more discordant , piece of work. In collaboration with MIA, Andre 3000 and Rihanna it was a rough, disorienting mix of samples and styles that changed the tempo every few seconds, as if they were squashing in more of the melodies that rammed around the huge galaxy in William's head . How this uncomfortable condition will be played live in a festival environment, will be intriguing, but no doubt Pharrell will have a few tricks ahead, with employee Kendrick Lamar also on the EP-law there can be a place for him on stage.

Jennifer Gannon


As far as genres are concerned, trip-hop is one of the most hypnotic. While trip-hop legends Massive Attack will fill one of the headline slots on the main stage with a high-end show that includes three decades of their career, the lesser known but up-to-coming trip-hop artist and producer Sevdaliza will be an arthouse- show that freezes the senses and celebrates femininity. Sevendiza, born in Tehran, Iran and raised in the Netherlands, begs her voice, listens to traditional Iranian songs, about icy beats that bump and squeeze. By using subtle movements on the stage – and calling occasional ripped male dancers to help – her live set will be nothing but enchanting. Her debut album ISON in which the incredible single Human appears, was released last year and if you want to get lost in a trance and love Portishead, Sevdaliza's set is the place to be.

Jorja Smith

With her debut album Lost & Found released in June, covering topics such as racism, sexism, capitalism, greed, young love, toxic masculinity and firearm crime in the United Kingdom, Jorja Smith is far beyond her years and her time. At the age of 21 the R & B singer worked with Drake, Stormzy and Kali Uchis and earlier this year she won the Brit Critics & Choice Award, with which she defeated Mabel and Stefflon Don.

Interactions of spoken word in Lost & Found the combination of social activism and R & B music from Smith is not far from Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip, but with its smooth voice through beautiful songs as Goodbye she proves that she herself is to be an incredibly capable and dynamic songwriter. Smith is a thinking and whip-smart man who is booming and can now be captured before every show is sold out.


Without Garbage's Scottish frontwoman Shirley Manson, the 90s would have been a much duller place. While Oasis and Blur were busy throwing plays together, with a curled lip and a non-oppressed look, Manson broke balls with songs that challenged social norms with her American band members Duke Erikson, Steve Marker and Butch Vig, who Nirvana & # 39; s produced nevermind . While celebrating 20 years of their second album Version 2.0, their EP set of mammoth songs such as celebrates Paranoid Special and When I Grow Up while ( hopefully) Stupid Girl Queer and Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go) take a look. Although it may be easy to pin down Garbage as a nostalgic act, the distorted nature of their music feels more relevant today than it did in 1998, unifying all the outcasts and madmen who felt they could not go anywhere to go back. .

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