30 tombstones ruined as cemetery crushed by & # 39; sheer wither & # 39;

Some damaged tombstones at the Bluebell Cemetery in Dublin that left relatives in a state of shock
Some damaged tombstones at the Bluebell Cemetery in Dublin that left relatives in a state of shock

Vandals destroyed up to 30 tombstones in a graveyard, leaving relatives trailing behind.

Gardai and the City Council of Dublin have investigated the damage to the graves on the Bluebell cemetery.

It is clear that the nauseating bloom took place last week for four nights and left gravestones irreparable.

A video has appeared online that shows the memorials on the site.

Dubliner Rachel Mangan, who buried loved ones in the cemetery, labeled the people behind the massacre as "cops".


"If there's one place that's sacred, it's a graveyard, you just do not respect the dead," she told the Herald.

"Our family has a few graves in the cemetery and I would visit the strange time.

"I was in shock when I saw the damage and normally I would not get shocked."

Gardai confirmed that between August 24 and 27 the damage to & # 39; up to 30 & # 39; examine gravestones in the cemetery.

"No arrests have been made so far, but the investigation is still ongoing," said a spokesman.

Reverend Anthony Clancy, co-parish priest of Our Lady of the Wiside, said he was disgusted by the incident.

"I went to visit the grave when I first heard the news and just could not believe it," he told the Bode.

"I was and am still in a deep state of shock due to the damage caused, there are so many buried people buried there, and it is just too shocking to talk about it.

"I will meet with parishioners to discuss this situation and find a way to go further."

Clondalkin councilor Francis Timmons, whose great-grandparents are buried in the cemetery, calls for additional security measures.

"The cemetery must be secured and protected," he said.

"This is the action of pure bastards who have no eyes for the people who are buried there or for the family and friends who are deeply upset by the foolish actions of these villains."

The city council of Dublin said it works with gardai and has affected families where possible by vandalism.

In a letter written by the herald, inspector Leslie Moore of the city parks said: "We arrange for a gate to be installed that can be closed in the evening, but in our experience this is no guarantee for the exclusion of young people who have suffered damage. want to cause because they have access through private grounds adjacent to the cemetery.

"We also made agreements to repair the damage to the tombstones."

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