& # 39; Conall was full of hope and joy about life & # 39; – Granduncle pays tribute at the funeral of the tragic victim

Conall McAleer
Conall McAleer
Victims Conall McAleer and Shiva Devine deployment, and the scene of the crash

The grandmother of the tragic Conall McAleer has paid a powerful, poignant and memorable tribute to his grand nephew for a crowd of several hundreds in St. Joseph's Church Ederney, Co Fermanagh.

The popular 20-year-old from Boa Island, Fermanagh province, died during a horrific car accident in Bundoran who also claimed the young life of his friend Shiva Blue Devine in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A third young woman Rachel Elliott from Ballinamallard remains in a critical condition at Beaumont Hospital Dublin.

The congregation heard that Conall was a cheerful, happy son who loved the land and all living things, as well as cars and tractors.

A family photograph, a pair of boots, a piece of electrical equipment was one of the gifts that were brought to the altar as symbols of his life.

While his voice was bubbling with emotion, Canon Joseph Mullin said it was a "deeply tragic day for Conall and his family."

"Conall was full of hope and joy about life, but left him a wealth of love.

"The best tribute we can afford to this fine young man, the big heart, the brother looking out to his sisters, the brother who cares for his parents, is the best tribute to share his legacy of love and give it to those who most need it.

"A few days ago, when a happy, happy young man deals with his friends, tragedy is the last thing someone thinks about.

"His parents Jackie and Brian never expected them to see those headlines on TV and in the paper about the death of their beloved Conall".

He added: "When I received the sad phone call on Sunday morning, I was so surprised and so upset, a fine, bright young man who was taken away from us in the blink of an eye.And Conall was a very beloved young man who was also very fond of kept himself.

"The cheerful grin on the photo on the altar has just captured his attitude to life. He was full of love for his sisters and his parents. Call told his mother that he loved her and he did it at least twice a week."

Canon Mullin said the huge crowd was there to support the McAleer family and to thank them for sharing their great son and brother with us even in those short years.

"We do not know why Conall died at this young age and we will never understand it on this side of the grave, but if someone is very loved, he will be deeply missed, that is the price of love and that's why our pain goes deep.

"No parent should bury a child, but many have had that solitary vigil alongside a coffin."

The Canon said that memories are very reassuring at the moment and also pray for Shiva Devine who was buried Tuesday in Ballintra and the three other young people who were still in hospital to restore their health.

"It was great to hear that he had been on a family vacation in Spain for two weeks and 20-year-olds do not normally do that, but I am sure that there was a lot of laughter, mischief and joy.

"Conall was a great man for the outdoors and he had a deep appreciation for all the creatures of God, he also liked cars and tinkered with engines and tractors and was just qualified as an electrician.

"His life was on the verge of a new beginning and planning, but suddenly and unfortunately those plans were not, Conall was also a talented football player with St Joseph's Ederney and he packed a lot in his young life".

He added: "His death stops us and also makes us wonder that we are making the most of our lives and hopefully we will decide that we will not waste our precious time on this earth".

Pupils of St. Michael's Mount Lourdes, St. Fanchea's College Enniskillen and St. Joseph's GAC Ederney formed honorary guards when he was laid down to rest at the adjacent cemetery, amidst scenes with heartbreaking sadness.

His parents, Brian and Jackie, sisters, Niamh, Tara Sadhbh, and Torai flanking his coffin when he entered St Joseph's church, survived him.

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