& # 39; I have chosen a nice park & ​​# 39; – son of Fr Michael Cleary reveals that he is now homeless

Ross Hamilton, the son of Fr Michael Cleary
Ross Hamilton, the son of Fr Michael Cleary

The son of Fr Michael Cleary has revealed that he is homeless and has lost his apartment for seven months.

Ross Hamilton also said that during his visit, Pope Francis must apologize for the entire country & # 39 ;, next to the survivors of the term.

He described the abuses committed by members of the clergy as "gruesome" and "horrible" and said that "priests should be sold to the police".

The popular priest Fr Michael Cleary fathered Ross and another child with his housekeeper Phyllis Hamilton, who remained a secret until after his death in 1993.

As a result, Ross grew up immersed in religion in parish homes in Harold's Cross and Ballyfermot in Dublin and said that the history of abuse of the church is contrary to the doctrine of religion.

"The damage caused by a hierarchy that hesitated to acknowledge a problem, or to address the problem, it simply goes against the dogma, it is absurd and horrible", he told Miriam O & # 39; Callaghan on her RTÉ Radio 1 show today.

Fr Michael Cleary, Phyllis and Ross Hamilton

Fr Michael Cleary, Phyllis and Ross Hamilton

He said that Pope Francis seemed willing to "make up for" the controversial history of the church with the question "where is love, where is compassion, where is kindness?"

Despite being critical of the Church, he said that he was encouraged by the Worldwide Meeting of Families as an opportunity for people to reconnect with religion.

"I am a little glad that Ireland is once again making contact with its Christian heritage, people take it for granted … the teachings of Christ had a profoundly good effect on the Irish people," he said.

More recently, Ross lived in homelessness after losing his apartment seven months ago. He slept on a bench of friends as he searches for a place to stay.

"I chose a nice park, so to speak," he said.

"It's a sort of thing that makes you very clandestine, it's a bit embarrassing to even have to do it, you drag your life into business."

"In the past it was difficult to get an apartment, now it is difficult to get a viewing."

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