& # 39; Nothing has changed & # 39; in 100 days since the vote to withdraw the eighth amendment

Today it is 100 days ago that a majority of the country voted to withdraw the eighth amendment.

The Abortion Rights campaign says nothing has changed since the referendum and 1000 people left the country for an abortion at that time.

"What has changed since then?" Unfortunately, "said a spokesperson.

"We have seen the publication of draft legislation and legal challenges for the 66.4% yes vote.

And in that time, an estimated 1,000 people have traveled to get the health care they should have had at home.

"Pills are still being imported, threatening the prosecution."

The group has called for immediate action.

"The Abortion Rights campaign calls for immediate action to alleviate the burden on pregnant people who need abortion and to prepare for the introduction of high-quality, accessible abortion services at home.

"The law on information law must be withdrawn immediately, together with the law on the protection of human lives during pregnancy that imposes a fourteen-year sentence on a person who induces an abortion or helps someone with it.

"The training of medical professionals to offer abortion and licensing of medicines should begin immediately.

"Abortion is a time-sensitive procedure and any delay means that more people have to travel abroad or seek safe but illegal abortion pills at home.

Ireland has been waiting for change for 35 years and we can not wait any longer.

The seventh annual & # 39; March for Choice & # 39; takes place on September 29 in Dublin.

The march, organized by the campaign for abortion rights, will cause the Irish government to make real changes, decriminalize abortion in the north and free, safe and legal abortion access.

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