& # 39; The engine ran over my husband and shattered his face & # 39;

A woman who moved to Ireland to start a new life said that her dreams are shattered & # 39; after a scrambler motorcycle had left her man with devastating injuries when it fell on him when the couple in a park in Dublin shone in the sun.

Anzhela Kotsinian (43) was moved to Dublin on Saturday 9 June for the incident in Darndale Park, in the north of Dublin.

The former teacher had enjoyed the warm weather, sunbathing with her roofer, Ilabek Avetian (39) when a scrambler motorcycle was driven over the forehead of a hill before landing on the pair.

Mr. Avetian lost his left eye, suffered from multiple facial fractures, including a fracture of the forehead bones.

His nasal cavities were also broken, as were his jawbone, and he suffered brain damage and bleeding.

Doctors said that he had contracted "severe traumatic brain injury" causing "a severe neurological deficit".

He has been in a vegetative state at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin since the incident. Mrs. Kotsinian said that her world has fallen apart & # 39 ;.

"Nobody answers this, how can this happen," Kotsinian asked?

"We came to Ireland from Lithuania to start a new life, we wanted a child to buy a house in Ireland, and we discussed our plans that day."

Ilabek Avetian (39) and Anzhela Kotsinian (43) seen before the incident. Photo: Olivia Lynott

Ilabek Avetian (39) and Anzhela Kotsinian (43) seen before the incident. Photo: Olivia Lynott

The couple had undergone an IVF in Armenia, but Mrs. Kotsinian said that their husbands' injuries mean that their hopes of starting a family are declining.

Warm, sunny day

"We decided to lie down in the park, because it was a warm, sunny day but after 10 minutes the engine was running over us.

"I did not understand what had happened, I suddenly heard a motor and then he walked over us and over my pelvis.

"I immediately thought of my husband, who had his head on my legs and I could not hear any sound from him.

"I was in so much shock, I can not describe it in words, I cried and just screamed & # 39; help help help & # 39 ;."

"The motorcycle had run over my husband and crushed his face, some nearby employees came to help us and we were taken to the hospital."

In June, gardaí said that a 16-year-old boy helped them with their questions, but no arrests were made for three months. According to a Garda spokesman, investigations were under way.

Ms. Kotsinian had a broken pelvis during the incident and visits her husband twice a day at the hospital.

I am like a zombie & # 39;

"I can not sleep, eat or live, I am like a zombie – I can not do my make-up, wear a dress because it is no longer important and nobody answers.

"I feel very much alone, I think of the pain that has happened to us in Ireland, and I feel that no one has helped me since my husband was injured.

"I can not work here to support myself, I do not have papers to work, I was also injured and I have to go to the hospital every day to my husband.

She said it was difficult to see her husband so damaged. "My husband had so much energy, he loved to dance, we love cosiness, music, we were so happy."

"But now every time I see him, he gets worse and worse, I can not see how this story ends well, the doctors can not help him improve."

Ms. Kotsinian said the medical team in Beaumont is considering moving her husband to Lithuania where his father lives, but said she would rather stay here as: "I do not have a house there."

"We do not have a home in Lithuania or Russia, where I have citizenship, we do not have a home in Ireland," she said.

Mrs Kotsinian's mother, Hasmik Kotsinian (64), is currently living in Dublin to support her daughter, but will have to leave by 20 September.

& # 39; I need help & # 39;

& # 39; She has no visa to stay and I just do not know how I can be alone, without my mother or anyone else – I do not know anyone. I need help, "Kotsinian said.

Mrs. Kotsinian said that everything she had left of her husband was his wedding ring, but said that even this was damaged and now deformed after the collision.

"Who will give my husband, my family, my psychological rest back?" She said. "When I got his wedding ring, my whole world was turned inside out."

Her family and her husband's family financially supports her while she recovers and spends time with her husband and says she does not receive state support and admits that the cost of living in Dublin is becoming a problem.

Mrs Kotsinian said that there is no law prohibiting the use of scrambler bicycles in a public park and she wants to show this illegally. Someone who does this can be accused of dangerous driving.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said it was reviewing the "applicable criminal law laws to ensure that gardaí had the necessary powers to deal with abuse of scramblers and quad bikes."

"With regard to the abuse of scramblers and quads in public parks, it should be noted that many local authorities, including the Dublin City Council, have adopted outdated laws prohibiting the use of these vehicles in public parks under their jurisdiction.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help the couple.

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