& # 39; What should I say to my children? I feel heartbroken & # 39; – says Margaret Cash that she must leave her home if she has been given by the council

Margaret Cash with six of her seven children after the homeless family had to sleep at the Tallaght garda station
Margaret Cash with six of her seven children after the homeless family had to sleep at the Tallaght garda station

Homeless mother-of-seven Margaret Cash has been told to leave the apartment given to her only four days after she has arrived.

Ms. Cash (28) made the news earlier this month after photographs were taken of six of her children, between the ages of one and eleven years old, who slept on chairs in Tallaght garda station.

The young mother talked about her delight last week when she and her children entered a three-bed flat on Parnell Street, in downtown Dublin.

Back then, Dublin City Council said it would be presented to her during a one week trial period, followed by a monthly basis.

Yesterday, however, Mrs. Cash contacted Facebook to reveal the disappointing news.

"The landlord needs the apartment because he leaves it from 2 September.

"The council hoped they said it was a long-term on a monthly basis.

"Something like that, what do I have to say to my children? I really can not handle this, feel deeply grieved."

Ms. Cash added that the board later told her that she would have an alternative home ready for her in Drumcondra by Friday, but says she is skeptical.

"So, the council said, come on Friday they will have somewhere else," she wrote. "How long do we not know.

"I begged them to bring me close to Tallaght, but that does not happen, my children do not know anyone there, I really can not do this anymore."

Homeless families living in Tallaght are assessed on a case-by-case basis at the South Dublin County Council homeless clinic.

"If homeless people are given priority, families would be housed in a homeless hub (where availability is available) or self-accommodation provided," said a spokesperson for the council.

"Self-sufficiency offers applicants the opportunity to rent hotel accommodation in the short term If a family can not buy hotel accommodation, a toll-free number is provided and families can overnight through the family intake team.

"Every effort is made to ensure that families can stay on a temporary basis until more permanent arrangements can be made."

The photo's of Ms Cash's children who slept at the Tallaght garda station went viral and led to a national debate about homeless services across the country.

The young mother is also subject to widespread criticism. Her Facebook page was mined for photos she shared from a box of beers and another of her posing next to her daughter in a communion, where members of the public sent her offensive messages.

Others commented that she had previously rejected the offer of a town hall – a claim she denied.

Ms. Cash says she is determined to use her situation to bring the homeless crisis to the attention.

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