A Taoiseach, feed impact and budget requirements 22 August 2018 Free

The first priority for the 2019 budget is to put the economy in a stable financial position while the Brexit takes effect, said the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at the Virginia Show on Wednesday.

"There is only a certain amount and the first priority for the budget is to ensure that it is broadly balanced, that we balance the books and reduce the debt to address any economic turmoil in the coming years after the Brexit. suits, "said Varadkar.

"The best way to prepare is to ensure that our finances are in order, so there is additional funding for infrastructure, public services such as housing, healthcare and education.

& # 39; & # 39; And also to ensure that there is a tax package that puts a little bit of money in everyone's pocket. & # 39;

Sugar tax

He said that any revenue-increasing measures such as a sugar tax would be for public policy reasons and that profits from it would be used to reduce taxes, especially on income.

The announcement coincided with the pre-budget submission launch of the IFA, which the Taoiseach said he, Minister of Agriculture Michael Creed and Minister of Finance Paschal Donohoe, would investigate in the coming weeks. "You can be sure that we will take them [budget submissions] but it will not be possible to do everything. The budget is in six or seven weeks. No decisions have yet been taken. "

Asked about cheap loans for farmers, the Taoiseach said that "we will decide in the coming weeks whether there will be another".

Meanwhile, the Brexit loan plan of € 300 million is still available for affected companies.

"Much of the agricultural sector has been hit and that is currently open," said Minister of Economy, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys. "This is not completely exhausted yet, the fund is still there, and applications are currently being processed."

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