Accused told son not to come home at nightman who was later torn into pieces was killed in canal

By Natasha Reid

The son of a Dubliner man who is being tried for murder has said that his father asked him three times not to come home in the night of the murder.

The witness also told his father's murder case that the accused, when he came home the next morning, was washing the ground behind their house.

The court had already heard that this was the address where the deceased was shot, before his mortal remains were cut into pieces and found in a canal.

Gary Wells delivered proof to the Central Criminal Court today on the fourth day of his father's trial.

Gary Wells leaves the Central Criminal Court in Dublin. Photo: Collins Courts.

Paul Wells Senior, 50, of Barnamore Park, Finglas, admitted that he had shot Kenneth O & # 39; Brien and dismembered his body.

However, he has not pleaded guilty to murdering the 33-year-old in his house in Barnamore Park on 15 or 16 January 2016.

He told Gardai that the deceased had wanted him to kill Mr O & # 39; Brien's partner.

Gary Wells testified that he was 21 at that time and lived at home in Barnamore Park with his parents and younger brother.

His car was broken and his father gave him a lift to work in Clondalkin on Friday morning, January 15.

"That morning when I left, he told me I did not have to come home that night," he testified.

The witness told Sean Gillane SC, while he continued, that he was always on a Friday and Saturday night with his partner and child in the neighborhood.

He said that while his father dropped him at his place of work, he said again that he did not have to come home.

"He said he had a friend who happened," he added.

He called me that morning … to make sure I did not come home that night to go directly to my partner, & # 39; he testified.

He said it was not customary for his father to call him at work.

His mother had also gone home that morning.

"My mother went downstairs to visit my sister, she lives in Cork, and went downstairs to make Christmas presents," he explained.

"She got a ride to my father's train station and she would return on Sunday."

His younger brother was in Cork that weekend as well, he added later.

The witness stayed with his partner and child as planned that night.

He returned home the next morning to meet a friend who sold him a new car. His father had lent him the € 1,200 for the purchase.

"I went into the kitchen and my father was in the back," he remembered.

He was just outside the deck and hit the ground under fire.

He said he also saw two bottles of bleach in the area.

Gary Wells stayed with his partner that night and had his new car washed when his father called him that Sunday. The accused ringed from outside his partner's house.

"That was very common," the witness remarked, returning to his partner's house.

He said his father had asked him if she had some things in her shed. The witness said she had not done that.

He said that his father had also asked him to come home because he had to talk to him.

"He went into the barn, he came back with a big bag," he said. "There was a cable tie around the top of it."

He said he could not look inside, but took the position that it contained a chainsaw.

He said his father asked him to take it to another man's house and he did.

He said that there were layers of carpet in his father's shed and that he had noticed that something was missing that day.

"I could actually see," he recalled.

He said that his father had asked him later that night if he could get some bags of waste from his shed. He agreed.

"He brought the bags to my car," he explained. "One of the bags had cardboard …. There was a red spot on one of the pieces of cardboard. & # 39;

Gary Wells said he had known Kenneth O & # 39; Brien and remembered his father's reaction when he found out he had died.

"He said he thought it was terrible what had happened and that they would probably come to speak to him as a precaution," he said.

He was cross-examined by Michael O & # 39; Higgins SC, defending, who said there was no disagreement about the fact that there was a chainsaw in the bag he had moved for his father.

The witness agreed that by the time of his brother, Paul, on 22 January in Riga, "the finger of suspicion (with regard to the murder), even within the family, pointed to him".

Kenneth O & # 39; Brien

He agreed that this was a very difficult situation for the family.

& # 39; The guards talked to famous Kenneth O & # 39; Brien employees. They came close to your father, "remarked Mr. O & # 39; Higgins.

He suggested that his client told his family that "they will soon come for me".

"He was very tense," answered Mr. Wells.

When asked about his normal habit of staying in his partner's house during the weekend, he said that he would first go home from work to change.

O & # 39; Higgins read from his statements, in which he said that his father had asked him if it was good to stay in his girlfriend's house that evening.

"There are nuances, one is an order, the other is:" Is that right? ", The lawyer suggested.

However, Mr. O & # 39; Higgins said that he wanted to make it clear that the impression that his client did not want him home in time was "a right impression".

"It is more the tone that my father speaks," said the witness

O & # 39; Higgins suggested that he was wrong when he said that his father had told him that he had brought a friend.

"No, it was said to me," he insisted.

On re-examination Mr. Gillane asked him what he meant by his father's tone.

"His tone, the way he speaks to people, it's an aggressive tone," he replied.

The partner of O & # 39; Brien, Eimear Dunne, had already closed her proof.

O & # 39; Higgins had started his cross-examination of her by telling her that his client's claim was that her partner wanted him to kill her.

O & # 39; Higgins noted that the couple's CCTV system was disabled on Thursday morning, January 14.

She confirmed to him that Paul Wells Snr had known on Sunday, January 17 that it was not working.

O & # 39; Higgins suggested that he had learned this from O & # 39; Brien.

However, Mr Justice Paul McDermott intervened before being given the opportunity to respond.

"That's a comment," he said.

The trial will take place tomorrow morning for a jury consisting of five women and six men.

A twelfth member of the jury was dismissed before she discovered that she knew someone was mentioned as evidence.

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