Áras candidate Gemma O & # 39; Doherty reveals & desperation for Ireland & # 39;

Freelance journalist Gemma O & # 39; Doherty is the newest potential candidate to put her name in the presidential ring.

Speculation also led to the striking of the presidential candidate in 2011, Seán Gallagher will participate in the race to the Áras. [19659002] The former Dragon's Den-star is now "actively considering" to make a second attempt to become President of Ireland.

He would join fellow Dragon Gavin Duffy who is already ordering local councils to get a nomination, along with Senator Joan Freeman and artist Kevin Sharkey.

Galway senator Pádraig Ó Céidigh is also considering putting his name forward against President Michael D Higgins, who wants to keep a second term.

Announcing her intention to flee last night, Ms. O & # 39; Doherty said: "As an Irish woman who loves her country to the core but hardly recognizes it, I am very concerned about the unimaginable suffering and the chaos. so many of our p eople are subjected to daily defenses.

"I despair for Ireland and what it has become."

In a statement on Facebook she said that now is the time for the Irish people to come together to demand change and put an end to what she described as "the corruption that affected Irish public life and the shameful waste of our taxes and resources."

"We are the owe ourselves, to our children, to the reputati e of our country, and to our ancestors who had a very different vision for this beautiful island that is our home. The time has come to demand a new Ireland.

"For these reasons, I have decided to nominate myself for the presidency, it is not a decision I have come across too lightly, but I believe the country and people are ready for change," the statement said.

"My presidency would be a special place for our longest and youngest missing person Mary Boyle, Fr Niall Molloy, Sophie Tuscan du Plantier, Jo Jo Dullard and all our murdered dead who have been denied justice by the gardaí They will never be forgotten by me. "

Ms. O & # 39; Doherty said she had been approached by members of the public who had urged her to run to the Dáil at the next general election. She said, however, that she had excluded this option because she does not believe that parliament in its current form is capable of working for the welfare of the people.

"I understand those who say that the Irish President is bound, gagged, unable to talk about matters of national interest and public concern or hold the government to account."

"But that's only because some incumbent operators have chosen to interpret the position that way, which is not my view, "she said.

It is clear that Ms. O & # 39; Doherty has already written to the members of the Oireachtas in the hope of getting a nomination and encouraged her statement to lobby the public at their local community. representatives.

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