Boy (16) identified as an important member of burglary

Prison Jamie O & # 39; Brien is an employee of the teenage burglar
Prison Jamie O & # 39; Brien is an employee of the teenage burglar

A 16-year-old criminal has been identified as one of the key members of a productive burglary who caused chaos across the country with a number of burglaries and robberies in rural communities.

The teenager is known to Gardaí, despite his young age, and detectives believe he is a prominent member of a group of young criminals from the north of Wicklow and Tallaght.

Although he is considered a serial killer in connection with a national crime gang, he can not be named because he is a minor.

He is a close associate of criminal Jamie O & # 39; Brien, who is serving an eight-year prison sentence for tying up, hitting and robbing pensioner Eva Sutton (89) in her home in 2015.

The youthful employee of O & # 39; Brien and his gang are connected to numerous burglaries in various regions, including the Midlands and west of Ireland.

The crime gang, consisting of young men from Dublin and Wicklow, is an important target for gardaí in Bray, as well as for national gardaí under Operation Thor.

Other teenagers of this gang were arrested last December in a high-profile operation after a burglary in the Kildare area.

One source told the Irish Independent that the 16-year-old criminal & # 39; skilled & # 39; was by other serial burglars from the north of Wicklow, including O & # 39; Brien.

"He has been around older criminals for some time now, so it's no surprise that he is now heavily involved in burglaries with his own gang," said the source.

"The juvenile criminal and his gang are now causing a huge chaos in several Garda regions across the country," the source added.

A criminal employee of the youth was previously shot in a punishment-like attack after executing various burglaries in the north of Wicklow.

His closest associate O & # 39; Brien was jailed for eight years last year for committing a crime that shocked the nation.

O & # 39; Brien (23) and Michael Cash (25) were on bail when they broke into Eva Sutton's house – which was then 89 – before subjecting her to a 90-minute ordeal in which she broke broken bones and a leak vomit .

The couple had more than 120 previous beliefs between them.

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