Brendan Howlin insists on switching Labor leader does not solve the misery of the party

Vice-President Labor leader Brendan Howlin has insisted that "changing the name on the leader's door" will not solve the misery of the party.

And he stressed that he was a good leader and a "serious political thinker." is with the vision to make contact with voters again.

Speaking of his critics, who claim that the party is failing significantly in reaching the public and stagnant poll numbers, Howlin said: "It is not true that we have withdrawn from membership, membership has been very robust .

"I started to rebuild the parts of the Labor Party, to reconnect with the trade union movement.

"And I think it's just the wrong analysis to say that changing the name on the door of the labor leader will have that impact."

Speaking of whether he believes he is a good leader, Mr. Howlin said, 62, "Yes, I had not offered myself and my colleagues would not have asked me to do it.

"I have been in politics for a long time, I am a serious political thinker, I understood the depth of the crisis we faced."

In response to the results of the survey, where the party is between 4% and 6%, Mr Howlin said that he has a smaller number of people concentrating on the core districts and he is convinced that he will have his seats in the next elections can double.

And he turned to the question of whether he believes the party would have been better if he had held an election so Alan Kelly could "rest" if he had not won.

He told Today with Miriam on RTÉ Radio 1: "We had … We had a debate within the parliamentary party.

"We had an election two years earlier and it did not make a difference in those two years."

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