Brute garda with a bride and tried to bite her after Prosecco bender

Martha Sanchez (29) was spared from imprisonment after she volunteered to donate € 2,000 to charity
Martha Sanchez (29) was spared from imprisonment after she volunteered to donate € 2,000 to charity

An expectant bride mistreated a female garda and tried to bite her, leaving her blood stained behind her uniform after she hopelessly & # 39; was drunk and celebrated her engagement with a bottomless brunch.

Martha Sanchez, a woman from Dublin, avoided a prison sentence after she had made a "substantial" charitable donation.

Judge Dermot Dempsey said he was seriously considering a custodial sentence & # 39 ;.

Sanchez celebrated her engagement with a bottomless brunch – where a meal is paid and an unlimited amount of Prosecco is served – but was arrested after she and a friend refused to pay a taxi fare of € 30.

Swords District Court heard that the 29-year-old, who works in the marketing department of a car rental company, took a taxi from Ranelagh in the south of Dublin to Swords, Co. Dublin, and agreed to pay € 30 to the taxi driver.

But when they arrived in Swords, the couple refused to pay the money.

Sanchez claimed that she "no longer remembered many bars in the restaurant" and that a misunderstanding arose, marred by being hopelessly drunk.

Gardai was called and Sanchez, whose parents are a teacher and a doctor in Spain, refused to acknowledge gardai – she called "bastards and cats".

She kept screaming and tried to persuade her friend to walk away with her.

"She went to an ATM and pulled out € 20, but refused to pay the taxi driver and said she had no money," Garda Kieran McGroder told the court.

While Sanchez tried to walk away she continued to verbally abuse gardai and was finally arrested.


When she was taken to Swords Garda station, she began to abuse Garda Elaine Duffy and called her several times.

Then she tried to run out of the station, but pulled the door into herself and caused an injury.

When Gda Duffy tried to provide first aid, Sanchez kicked her and tried to bite her, leaving a blood stain on her uniform.

The defendant, from Swords Central, Main Street, Swords, pleaded guilty to violent behavior at a guard station, sexual assault, drunkenness and use of threatening and abusive behavior on December 16, 2017.

She has no previous beliefs.

When Dempsey heard the evidence in the case, he noted that the attack on her "should have been a more serious charge to attack the garda maliciously and try to bite her."

The Barrister of Sanchez said that her client, who has since married her fiancé, was unable to handle the amount of alcohol and no longer drank.

"She is ashamed to say that she does not remember much of the bar in the restaurant," the barrister added.

"It is out of character and that is her shame only her friend and her husband are aware of what has happened.

"Her parents, a teacher and a doctor in Spain, know nothing about the incident.

"It has had a lasting effect on her and she takes it all very seriously and is ashamed," the barrister said, adding that Sanchez had "a considerable amount of money" for a charitable donation if the court deemed it necessary.


Judge Dempsey placed the suspect in detention for one hour before deciding on the case, saying, "She attacked a garda maliciously and tried to bite her.

"I seriously consider a prison sentence for biting and attacking a garda who has offered her help.

"It is a despicable act and she can not hide behind being drunk and not remembering."

When the lawyer said the suspect had € 2000 with her, Judge Dempsey said he would allocate € 1,000 to the Hope Foundation and € 1,000 to St. Francis Hospice.

He applied Section 1.1 of the Probation Act and left the suspect without a conviction, but noted that she was fortunate that she had a considerable amount of money & # 39; with her.

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