Child friend of a woman who is missing for three months, think & # 39; something bad happened & # 39;

Friends of a woman who has been missing for three months say that they have doubts that she has only disappeared.

29-year old Giedre Raguckaite from Lithuania was last seen on Hoey Lane in Dundalk, Co. Louth, around 18.00 hours on 26 May.

She is described as five feet five inches long with a light build and has blonde hair and green eyes.

She previously lived in England, but after traveling to Lithuania she moved to Ireland to renew her passport.

Gardai in Dundalk relies on information about the whereabouts of Giedre.

Her childhood friend Gedvilé Tumenaite is worried about her well-being.

She said, "When she disappeared, her passport was with the landlord, and he keeps the passport, so she has no papers.

"We think she is still in Ireland because she does not identify with her, but I just think something bad has happened.

"I think it's something against her own wishes, we have so many doubts about everything, we do not know."

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