Church of Annunciation in Finglas announces the last mass before it undergoes HUGE downgrade

One of the largest Catholic churches in Ireland will close its doors next month because it is being demolished and replaced by a much smaller church.

The church of Annunciation in Finglas will celebrate his last mass on October 7 with archbishop Diarmuid Martin who takes the altar to show it.

The downfall of the church comes after a combination of declining attendance and structural problems over the years.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

It is currently able to hold more than 3,500 people – but the new site only has room for 350.


The church opened in 1967 when John Charles McQuaid was archbishop.

The parish priest Fr Eamann Cahill had said earlier that they were struggling with numbers.

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Pope visit to Dublin

In a statement last year, he said: "" After recent research, discussion and much analysis, the pastoral parish council, the finance committee and the parish team agreed that it is best to replace the current church with a new church. "

He went on to say that the new proposal for a smaller building was widely supported by Finglas parishioners.

Many priests in the area are also expected to resign with Fr Cahill and say that he expects the numbers to be halved in the coming years.

Warm memories

People responded with warmth to the news because they reverted to local events that took place in the building.

One person wrote: "Sad day for finglas. The church has many good memories for us. Halves, weddings and of course funerals. The older generation will miss the church because it was their weekly meeting place for them.

& # 39; If you ever gave directions on Finglas, you would say that you know the big church. & # 39;

Another wrote: "I remember the old Tin church before the big church was built! Many priests have come and gone from the parish! Great memories of performances of Up with the People Music and singing extravaganza" s all rehearsals etc. "

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