Court hears the young man destroying his girlfriend's house by order of the mother

From Brion Hoban

A man used a baseball bat to destroy the windows and contents of his girlfriend's house, along with two other men led by his mother, has heard a court.

Josh Byrne, 23, with an address in Spencer Street, North Beach, Dublin, was convicted of the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for burglary and criminal damage at the Halligan household in Coolock, Dublin, on October 1, 2015.

Judge Pauline Codd sentenced Byrne to two and a half years in prison but suspended the entire sentence on condition that he was dealing with the Probation.

The court heard that there was a quarrel on 1 October 2015 between Byrne's mother, Alice Byrne (44) and his girlfriend's mother, Rebecca Halligan.

Later in the day, Halligan's sister opened the door to her home for Alice Byrne, who facilitated her son and two young men wearing ski masks.

Byrne and the two other men threw various household items, windows and the front door with baseball bats. According to the victims, this was all under the direction of Byrne's mother.

The men also asked to see Dean Halligan, a brother of the victims, who was not in the house at the time of the incident.

Byrne has previous convictions for traffic violations and obstructions, with the latter leading to a prison sentence that ended on July 17 this year.

Pieter Le Vert BL, defensively, said that Byrne and his mother had submitted a compensation of € 2,000 to the judge.

Judge Codd said that the incident had been a "complete total and unwarranted overreaction" on the telephone conversation and acknowledged that Byrne had acted "under the direction of his mother".

Judge Codd said that the aggravating factors were wearing balaclavas, smashing various items of sentimental value and the Halligan family Byrne had once delivered a home.

The mitigating factors were the youth of Byrne and his lack of relevant beliefs.

The conviction of Alice Byrne was adjourned until December 10, pending an updated trial report.

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