Criminal investigation on the road to fatal Sligo fire is part of an investigation

A criminal investigation started on the circumstances of a fire in which a father and son died, a coroner who was heard on Monday.

Christopher (Sunny) Harte (64) and his son Sean (34) died after being overwhelmed by smoke when fire passed through their block of flats in Market Street, Sligo on April 22 last year.

An inquiry into their death opened the Sligo Coroner & # 39; s Court, but was adjourned after coroner Eamon MacGowan was told that there was a prosecution and was transferred from the court to the Circuit Court.

The coroner heard that there were a number of apartments in the three-story building. By the time the emergency services arrived on the night of the tragedy, the fire had flooded two floors, but the apartment where the father and son lived had not been set on fire. A number of people had escaped the building and were on the roof or in an adjoining alley when Gardaí arrived.

The jury was told that there is no legal prosecution in the case of Garda, but that the local authorities are prosecuting.

Earlier this year, Judge Kevin Kilrane of Sligo heard that Sligo County Council was persecuting the owners and prosecuting agents of the building where the father and son died. They are accused of not fulfilling their obligations under Article 18 of the Fire Services Act of 1981. After Judge Kilrane had heard an outline of the case, he said that he would refuse jurisdiction because of the seriousness of the accusations and because the fire had resulted in two deaths.

The investigation was interrupted after the jury discovered that in both cases the cause of death was due to the inhalation of smoke and fire gases. Expressing sympathy to the family Mr. MacGowan pointed out that two members of the same family had died in an incident

He said that the circumstances were tragic and threatened a number of people in the building. There was no fire in the Harte apartment but they were caught by smoke and gasses, he pointed out.

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