Early Start For Arklow Lifeboat To Fishing Vessel In Difficulty

#RNLI – After a pager warning by the Irish Coast Guard at 07.8 am yesterday morning (Monday 27 August), Arklow RNLI's all-weather lifeboat was launched to reports from a fishing vessel in difficulty.

Within a few minutes, the Ger Tigchelarr and her volunteer team were on their way to the victim ship, about four miles south of Arklow.

Once on the spot, the lifeboat crew was able to establish that the ship had contracted machine downtime and needed help.

A troll was set up and the ship and crew of three were towed back to Arklow, where all hands landed safely.

After the call-out, Arklow RNLI community safety officer Mark Corcoran said: "After these incidents, it is important that everyone who plays in the water emphasizes the importance of having a way to ask for help, the sooner our crew can reach the victim, the better the outcome. "

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