Eoghan Murphy has to increase housing targets for emergency situations, says the alderman

The president of the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council says that the Minister of Housing must increase the targets for emergency housing.

Eoghan Murphy has written to the four local authorities in Dublin and has criticized their apparent non-compliance with the emergency relief objectives.

The Minister of Oppression has asked for a list of potential locations and locations to be provided to his officials in the coming days.

He also said that he would use emergency powers to transfer responsibility for providing emergency shelter to his department.

Alderman Ossian Smyth says that they have surpassed their objectives in the field of housing.

"We have built many more houses, we have delivered many more homes than we were asked, but the problem is that it was not enough," he said.

"We actually have to go further, there are big job sites belonging to the Central Bank, to Horse Racing Ireland, and to other parts of the government that we can build on hundreds of apartments."

"I would like to meet the minister, who are discussing sites and want to work on them instead of blaming each other for what went wrong in the past," he said.

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