Everything you need to know about the 2018 national team championships

The 2018 National Team Championships start in Tullamore this Tuesday and it is expected that up to 100,000 people a day will attend the agricultural spectacle.

The event, which takes place in Screggan, runs over three days with more than 1,700 exhibitors and the Limerick Leader has a crackteam on site to bring you lots of stories of the beloved festival.

Before it starts, the leader has everything you need to know to get there and what to do when you arrive.

If you are driving to the national team championships, take one of the routes (SEE BELOW). The Gardai have also given the following advice:

* You are advised to at least double the normal travel time due to large traffic volumes
* Read the traffic plan and know the route you are traveling
* Bring drinks and snacks, especially if you are traveling with children
* If you have a vehicle pass, make sure that it is clearly displayed on the windscreen of your vehicle, as vehicles that do not clearly show passes can be taken outside.
* Follow signage to location – do not use GPS
* Note the color of the flying blimp above the head and the number / color / animal sign on your parking lot at the entrance to find it easily when leaving
* Event opens to the public at 9 am and closes at 6 pm

BROWN ROUTE is for traffic from Limerick, Kerry and Southwest: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COMPLETE ROUTE

* Ticket information: Adults – € 20; Seniors – € 15 (ID is required at the gate); High school students – € 15 (rate of € 10 applies to reservations of 10+ if purchased only through school). Tickets are day-specific. Children under the age of 12 go free if accompanied by an adult. Students – € 20 each.

* Opening hours: Exhibition arena Open: 9.00-18.00. Teams Competitions: 10.30 am – 2.30 pm; Entertainment program: 10:00 – 18:00; Fashion shows: 11.30 am / 1.30 pm / 3.30 pm

* The national team championships is a child-friendly event. Children under the age of 12 are free when accompanied by an adult. The event offers picnic areas, a playground, facilities to change and nurture babies, entertainment and bandstand entertainment for our younger visitors.

* In addition to these facilities, there are 1700 exhibitors, many of whom offer their own entertainment at their stands for children of all ages, so there is certainly something for everyone in the family.

* FBD & # 39; Keeping You Safe & # 39; wristbands also serve as a reassurance for anyone bringing children to the event. These wristbands are especially for children and are distributed to all entrances of the event, allowing a phone number to be written on the belt in case the wearer wanders.

* There are a large number of parking garages in the vicinity of the Trade Arena to accommodate traffic from all parts of the country. You will be guided to the nearest parking garage of the event upon arrival and the stewards for parking spaces will lead you to a space. Parking at the national team championships is free! Each parking lot has a color code in our traffic plan, depending on the route you take, so that you can return to your car more easily when you go home. Each parking garage has a color-specific blimp that can be seen in the trading arena to guide you back to your car park and color-coded signage at the entrance / exit to the parking garages.

* There is a room for bicycle parking in a special parking space. Follow the signage for bicycle parking and arrival at the event.

* You can use public transportation to the event. Tullamore train station is 10 minutes from the event venue. A shuttle bus service from Bus Eireann operates from the Tullamore train station. The times of this service depend on the timetable and pick-up times from the Tullamore train station from 6.55 am to 12 noon. The Shuttle Bus service starts with return trips from the site to the Tullamore train station at 2 PM to 6:30 PM. The drop-off and pick-up point are located near the main entrance along the N52 and very close to the three main entrances at the front of the campsite. You do not need to buy a train ticket to use these services, you can use the Bus Eireann drop-off / pick-up service from Tullamore Train Station for a small fee – Return ticket prices – € 9 for adults; € 5 children (16 & younger); Family ticket € 20 (2 adults and 3 children)
See www .irishrail.ie & www. Buseireann.ie for scheduled schedules and fares.

* Taxi users that drop off will be facilitated as close as possible to the parking garages as soon as there is no obstruction to the traffic flow. There is no designated collection area for taxis on or around the event site.

* The national team championships can attract up to 100,000 people per day, so customers are advised to take their time to arrive and allow some waiting times when attending the event. Gates open to the public at 9 am, but for customers arriving early, there are tea and coffee facilities and toilet facilities available in the parking garages.

* Disabled parking spaces are available at each parking space before the event. Please note: the parking card for disabled people issued by the official authorities must be clearly displayed on the windscreen of the vehicle when approaching the location. All internal roads in the Trade Arena have been double-tracked to enable disabled access via the site.

* If you need to leave the event at any given time and plan to return, ask the gate stewards to stamp your hand on departure. Without this stamp you may not receive free access to the event.

* Guide dogs are welcome at the National Team Championships, but the event attracts about 80,000 people a day and because of the large number of crowds clients are asked not to bring pets.

* There are more than 1,700 exhibitors at the event with exhibits; Energy, Forestry, Livestock, Machinery, Construction, Agri Business, Auto Arena, Home and House, Food and Drink, Health and Welfare, Lifestyle and Tourism, Information Technology, Business and Education.

* Among the attractions at the National Team Championships include the Food Fayre, Celebrity Chefs, Cookery / Craft Demonstrations, Auto Arena, Fashion Shows, Machinery Exhibition, Tented Trade Village, Livestock Exhibition, Innovation Arena, National Brown Bread Baking, Sheep Shearing, Sheep Dog Tests , Live Trekkeropbouw, Team competitions, Live Radio & TV, Pony games, Hunting yacht, Treshing, Vintage Display, Funfair, Loy Digging, Meggars competition and much more.

* There are three catering blocks on the site with more than 40 individual catering stands, so that there is something that meets all the needs of our visitors. There are also catering units in each parking lot to serve visitors who arrive early at the event.

* There are sanitary facilities in each of the three catering blocks and in addition throughout the Trade Arena. There is a combination of portaloos, wheelchair accessible portaloos and flush toilets.

* There are seven different first aid stations spread over the entire location and trained medical staff on mobile First Aid Foot Patrol and ambulance services at all times on site. There is also a specially built Medical Center on site, fully staffed with a doctor, nurses and paramedics if you need further assistance.

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