Family of the tragic young farmer Martin Kehoe Jr who was present at the Ploegende Championships 2018 in his honor

The family of a tragic young man who died during an agricultural accident, attends the Plowing Championships in honor of his birthday.

Martin Kehoe Jr, 33, was looking for the family farm in Foulksmills, Co. Wexford, while his brother Willie John traveled to the annual event last year.

The former team champion had decided to stay home because he had a newborn son at the time and did the daily chores when the tragedy struck.

Martin launched a manure tank when he was raided by vapors and died on 19 September.

Elder brother Willie John set up Kehoe Farming's stand at the event when he heard the terrible news.

Willie John Kehoe, Martin Kehoe Snr and Martin Kehoe Jnr

He explains how the tragedy changed family life forever.

"The first day of the Plowing last year is a day that has forever changed the life of our family, it destroyed our family and everyone who worked on the farm," Willie John told

He added, however, that the family would attend the agricultural event and keep Martin in their minds.

He said: "We will go, we usually have a point of view, but I do not think we can handle it this year.

& Plowing has always been part of our lives, we have to go on and keep Martin's memory alive. It will be a sad time, but life has to go on. & # 39;

Willie John advised other farmers to "slow down" and be on guard against dangerous situations while performing their duties.

"Be careful, life is too precious, the heartbreaking fear that lags behind is the difficult part, and it's only when it's knocking on your door that you see that," he added.

He believes that the pressures of modern agriculture and extreme weather conditions contribute to the number of accidents of Irish family businesses.

"There is a lot of pressure on the farmers, at the end of the day we are at the bottom of the wage scale, we have the consequences of all the weather, it has been very difficult.

"A farmer is a veterinarian, a machine operator, an accountant, etc. No other profession needs to include so many bases.

"We try to get everything done and beat the weather, it puts enormous pressure on the farmers and unfortunately accidents happen."

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