Fine Gael ministers to get acting lessons as a glue session

Fine Gael Ministers and TDs will spend an afternoon this week participating in an actors' workshop during their annual parliamentary party engagements, we can reveal.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, the Minister of Finance Paschal Donohoe, the Minister of Housing Eoghan Murphy, Minister of Health Simon Harris and other Ministers are expected to attend.

The classes, however, have led to some division among the TD's of the common party – where one prances the idea of ​​preachers in panty & # 39; s & # 39; has rejected, while another defended the idea and said: We should be able to emulate better as politicians. & # 39;

Will the acting lessons of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar arrive in time for President Donald Trump's visit? Pic: Alex Wong / Getty Images

The workshop in the new Humanities building in NUI, Galway, will be part of a session on bonding and teambuilding on Thursday, the Fine Gael day. A number of TD's that have been admitted to the tightly guarded secret have told the MoS that they will do their best for this specific binding module & # 39; to avoid.

One said: & # 39; With homeless figures who are about to hit 10,000 and the scandal of cervical cancer is growing, I do not believe that it is a smart move for our Taoiseach and preachers to be in tights & # 39; prance, shouting Shakespeare or Tennessee Williams. I am going to develop a stomach ulcer or organize a media interview to get there. & # 39;

However, one party says that this is part of Fine Gael's attempt to make the party more relevant & # 39; to make, adding that it introduces connection methods that the business world will be familiar with & # 39 ;.

Fine Gael ministers were able to re-enact the famous scene in Taken by the Irish actor Liam Neeson. Pic: Europe Corp / Kobal / REX / Shutterstock

The insider, who is aware of the organization of the think-in, said: "Fine Gael is full of lawyers and barristers, and a number of them pointed out that attorney training at Blackhall Place brought the Gaiety School of Acting. to do actors' workshops with trainees.

& # 39; A lawyer should be able to tell and tell the story of a customer, so this is similar. We should better run emote as politicians, "they said.

According to the Creative Ireland website, which organizes the lessons, the program is guided by a vision that every person in Ireland has the opportunity to realize his full creative potential. It is a five-year all-for-government initiative, from 2017 to 2022, to put creativity at the heart of government policy. & # 39;

Irish health care
Maybe our TD's are going to channel Brendan Gleeson into their acting lessons. Pic: Rich Polk / Getty Images

The former chief spider doctor of Mr. Varadkar, John Concannon, was previously head of Creative Ireland. These parties have become regular events, but an increasing number of politicians wonder what their value is. The practice was introduced in 2004 by former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in Irish politics. They bring their parliamentary party members to a hotel where they listen for a few days to presentations about the policy.

Fine Gael will have their own at the Galway Bay Hotel in Salthill. The party also held bonding games and exercises during last year's mindset at Clonmel and the chairman of the parliamentary party, Martin Heydon, who organized the meeting, loved what he saw. He took the help of Galway Fine Gael TD Hildegarde Naughton, who is involved in amateur-dramatic circles in Galway.

Ms. Naughton is a classically trained soprano and won the 2008 award for best actress of the Association of Irish Musical Societies for her role as Eliza Doolittle in the production of the musical, My Fair Lady by the musical company of Galway Patrician Musical Society.

Galway Fine Gael TD Hildegarde Naughton won the award for best actress of the Association of Irish Musical Societies for her role as Eliza Doolittle in the production of the musical My Fair Lady by the music company of Galway Patrician Musical Society. Pic: Collins

Mr Heydon also has a penchant for amateur dramas, he played in his own bizarre election video in the past – which Back To The Future used as a motive. Repeated attempts to contact Mr. Heydon were not answered and Ms. Naughton did not reply to requests for further details.

NUI, Galway has an MA course in Drama and Theater, as well as two theaters. The ministers told it that, more than two days after the party's consideration, the agenda that has been drawn up will focus on social issues rather than the economy & # 39 ;.

Minister Simon Harris of Health is scheduled to organize a session on the future of health care and health minister Regina Doherty will also give a lecture. However, before dinner on Thursday evening, the acting workshop will be held by playwrights from a local actor school.

Minister of Health Simon Harris is expected to be present at the think-in in Galway. Pic: Gareth Chaney Collins

Some Fine Gael TDs were worried that the idea was unwise when they knew about the plan.

& # 39; I do not see the value of these things. Anyway, it's usually an excuse for the Taoiseach to get his picture in the paper, and it's not that he's getting these chances, "said a Fine Gael TD. & # 39; There has been a very notorious catastrophe in the parliamentary party's think-tank in Galway – Brian Cowens voice and & # 39; clogged & # 39; interview in the Ardilaun in 2010. & # 39;

A Fine Gael TD said: & # 39; They tried to keep all this quiet, but that did not work out. We are not sure why it should be such a big secret, but they will be informed that this is not a good idea. & # 39;

Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy, Secretary of Health Simon Harris, and Dublin Bay South TD Kate O'Connell. Pic: PA Wire

The party press said that Mr. Heydon is ultimately responsible for the details of the meeting. Sources pointed out that one of the main problems with the latest plan is that it will play in Fine Gael stereotypes. The party is already fighting accusations of being led by an election & # 39; clique of & # 39; posh boys & # 39 ;.

Minister of Housing Eoghan Murphy, whose brother is the Love / Hate actor Killian Scott, had to fight critical claims that were submitted to him on RTÉ Radio last week by Miriam O & # 39; Callaghan, that he is a chic & # 39; person is from Dublin 4 and not suited to tackle the housing crisis that affects all parts of society.

He said that if people concentrate on being a chic boy of D4, they miss the target altogether.

Minister of Housing Eoghan Murphy has insisted that he is not only a chic boy from Dublin 4. Photo: James Connolly

A rural Fine Gael TD said that the acting lessons plan will give a bad message. However, one of the parties said: & # 39; I think that ordinary people would almost prefer if we put on the batter and the skull pints instead of using this kind of frippery. It looks horrible, and it is something that chic guys do at fancy schools while the rest of us play Gaelic football and are smoking behind the bicycle shelters. & # 39;

The backgrounds of high Fine Gael ministers and their relative elitism are now sensitive matters for Fine Gael apparatchiks. Mr. Varadkar went to school in King & # 39; s Hospital, a boarding school led by the Church of Ireland, Tánaiste Simon Coveney went to the Clongowes Wood College, a paid boarding school and Mr. Murphy went to St Michael's College , also a paid school for secondary education. in the south of Dublin. also understands that Fine Gael will appoint a number of general election candidates this week. Candidates who are not members of the parliamentary party will be invited to the think-in.

– This article first appeared in the Irish Mail on Sunday

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