Footballer (27) dies when the car deflects from the exit to the river mouth

David Walsh who died after a collision in Newport Co. Mayo
David Walsh who died after a collision in Newport Co. Mayo

A man has been killed and another is in a serious condition after two separate traffic incidents.

A community by the sea in Co Mayo had been grieved after the death of a young footballer after his car had fallen off the road and was immersed in a tidal river.

David Walsh (27), from Burrishoole, near Newport, Co Mayo, was locally cited as a victim of the incident, presumably in the early hours of Saturday.

Mr. Walsh, a chef who worked in a hotel in Westport, is the second person in half a decade who drowns on Newport Pier in such circumstances.

In 2013, a 33-year-old Hungarian-born woman died close to the same location when her car drove over the low harbor wall into the estuary.

The woman, who worked in a local restaurant, was a student driver for a practice ride.

After the last tragedy, renewed calls have been made for additional crash protection restrictions on the site.

Mr. Walsh was alone when his vehicle dropped off the exit to the river mouth.

A passing jogger alarmed a few hours later after spotting the partially submerged car. Emergency services rushed to the scene, but it was too late to save the driver.

Fr Tod Nolan, Newport's pastor, said the news was a huge shock to the city and community of the nearby Burrishoole, where Mr. Walsh grew up. He described the incident as "a terrible tragedy".

Michael Holmes, a Mulranny-based member of the Mayo County Council, joined the expressions of sympathy.

"The Walshes are a well-thought-out family," he said.

Mr. Walsh played Gaelic football for the Burrishoole Club and his talents as sportsman were highly regarded.

In a separate incident in Dublin, a man suffered severe head injuries when he was hit by a bus on Saturday at 9.15 pm on Lower Leeson Street.

The victim, who is believed to be a visitor from Switzerland, was rushed to St James's Hospital, where he was described as being in a serious condition.

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