Garda receives € 8k after a campaign of online bullying by the architect of Dublin

Tricky: Sgt Conor Gilmartin. Photo: Collins Courts
Tricky: Sgt Conor Gilmartin. Photo: Collins Courts

A sergeant of garda who was harassed and intimidated by false claims about him on the internet received a compensation of € 8,000 for a Garda compensation hearing.

Mr. Justice Michael Twomey said the damage was related to bodily injury to Sgt Conor Gilmartin as a result of the internet items and not in connection with personal injury damage.

Judge Twomey asked Sgt Gilmartin if he considered persecuting the 57-year-old architect Sean Carraher for libel for the character. But Sgt Gilmartin said that he could not afford it, and his representative body, the Association of Garda sergeants and inspectors, had refused to finance such a claim.

Sgt Gilmartin, who was transferred from Shankill in Co Dublin to a station in Co Cork as a result of phone calls and online harassment by Mr. Carraher, said he had been labeled as "bad" and "corrupt".

He said that Mr. Carraher, of Stradbrook Hill, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, which he believed was now living on social benefits, had spent five years in prison for intimidating him between 2009 and 2011.

Sgt Gilmartin said that allegations against the HSE that he had been involved in child abuse were found to be false and unfounded.

He said through his own efforts that he had removed more than 50 messages from Google and Facebook – but some still had to be read by his children and others in the coming years.

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