Garda should once again focus on community policing, according to the reform report

Gardaí should no longer have the authority to decide whether people should be prosecuted for minor offenses and that the public should be able to report any concerns about policing in their community to the Garda via the mobile app, the Commission on the future of police in Ireland has recommended.

A redundancy package must also be offered to the Garda staff, the committee said. A similar arrangement was made when the RUC transformed into the Northern Ireland police service and the accelerated generation change in that police force.

In order to release more gardaí for street police, the committee also says that the practice of gardaí lawsuits should stop in court, adding that they should not be obliged to attend an investigation either.

The court service, and not gardaí, also serves the summons of the court. And the Prison Service, instead of gardaí, should escort prisoners, with the exception of high-risk prisoners.

Immigration tasks

Also aimed at releasing gardaí for frontline tasks, the commission says that all "immigration rights" carried out by the Garda must be transferred to the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service within the Ministry of Justice.

However, it is not only that more gardaí were required for frontline duties and policing at district or local level, but there was also a need for better information on how gardaí was deployed.

A computer-aided dispatch system that registered all call-outs gardaí was necessary to record the movements of gardaí nationally. In the course of time this would indicate the locations and times when more gardaí were needed.

And when this information was married with more extensive and accurate data on crime, Garda management would be able to use the available resources much more effectively.

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