Garda Síochána will undergo a major reform until 2022

An ambitious program for the radical reform and modernization of Garda and its monitoring bodies, covering all aspects of police practices and culture, was set out by the Commission on the future of the police in Ireland.

After having worked on the plan for more than a year, the commission has drawn up a vision for the Garda with the protection of human rights as the core and in which community frontal police would be given priority.

When implemented, it would bring the greatest transformation of the Garda into its almost 100-year history.

The committee, under the leadership of former US police chief Kathleen O & # 39; Toole, has proposed a major upheaval and reform of the Garda surveillance bodies established in 2005 in the wake of the Morris tribunal on corruption at Garda. The committee believed that the current Garda monitoring system was too complicated and confused.

Ms O & # 39; Toole said on Tuesday that the proposals could be implemented in 2022. She believed that the "transformational changes" that were put forward for the Garda would place it "in the forefront" of international policing.

The commission provides greater powers for the Garda commissioner in the appointment of his senior management team, including senior Garda officers working around him.

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