Gardai and defense forces investigate suspected soldiers with drugs in the barracks in Dublin

Gardai and the military police investigate after a soldier with drugs would have been found in a barrack in Dublin.

The soldier, stationed at Cathal Brugha in Rathmines, would have found sleeping in his room while he was on duty.

The soldier was taken to the hospital while an unidentified substance was found in his room.

The military confirmed that they were investigating and said that the soldier is still in medical care.

"An investigation into the military police started after an incident in the barrack of Cathal Brugha, Rathmines on Friday morning.

"A member of the Defense Forces was transferred to the hospital for medical research, where he remains under medical care.

Cathal Brugha barracks in Rathmines

"After a search on Friday night, a quantity of a previously unidentified substance was discovered that was handed over to the Gardai for research.

"At no time during the incident was a person threatened with a firearm."

Gardai also confirmed that they are doing research after being contacted on Friday.

They said: "On August 31, 2018, the military police contacted Gardai stating that they had found a quantity of suspected controlled substances in a military barracks.

"The substances were seized by Gardai and taken to Rathmines Garda station, which will be forwarded for forensic investigation in due time."

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