Gardaí says jokingly that pregnant women should opt for home deliveries during the papal visit

A great bunch of guys.

A Q & A held by the Gardaí Twitter account dominated the Irish social media on Thursday evening when the police opened for public Pope-related questions.

The session – which was held on Twitter and Facebook – included a number of social media users who asked about the restrictions of traffic restrictions that will take over most of Dublin during the weekend.

Such an investigation involved travel to a maternity hospital in the capital.

"Are you traveling to the Coombe on the weekend from Celbridge and you might be in a hurry, will I encounter road closures along the route?"

In a comment on Twitter, Gardaí suggested "A Garda Síochána promotes home deliveries in the areas of Dublin on Sunday, and there is also a lot of public transport available."

It is also linked to a section on the Health Service Executive (HSE) website that relates to home birth.

But just over 10 minutes later, the official @ GardaTraffic account said: "Only joking.! Garda bikers and cars are available to escort emergency cases to hospitals."

A number of users reacted to the joke – with the statement that because of the restrictions imposed by the city in the city on the visit of the Pope – they would not be surprised if it were true.

A list of current restrictions for the visit to the Pope can be found here.

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