Higgins has all the advantages – but is it unbeatable?

From a situation in which it was assumed in many circles that no one would challenge Michael D Higgins for the presidency, it seems that a queuing system will be needed for everyone queuing to pop him.

No less than three past and current panel members of the reality TV program Dragon's Den are in the field.

Seán Gallagher announced this week that he would resume his spectacular bid for the office in 2011 and join Gavin Duffy, who was seriously campaigning but without much impact since July.

Hardly had Gallagher announced his intention, when he was accompanied by another "Dragon" (they seem to enjoy the description), Peter Casey, a businessman who has moved from the US home to offer his services to the country.

Senator Joan Freeman and artist Kevin Sharkey have also advised provincial councils in search of their support.

Sinn Féin will also lead a candidate, and while the Irish MEP Liadh Ní Riada is widely promoted as his nominee, the party has yet to officially decide.

The former Irish independent journalist Gemma O & # 39; Doherty is also looking for a nomination, campaigning on an anti-corruption platform.

Meanwhile, several other, previously unknown candidates are looking for a nomination with a different level of involvement and energy. It is highly unlikely that Patrick Feeney, Marie Goretti Moylan, John Groarke, Jimmy Smyth or Sarah Louise Mulligan – an impersonator of Marilyn Monroe, no less – will make it to the ballot box. But they can come into the sun for a moment in the coming weeks.

There are still four weeks to go before nominations close. Hardly a day goes by without someone raising his hand.

On Friday it was Mannix Flynn, the independent councilor of Dublin. He said that he considered himself to stand, because according to him the caliber of many of the candidates so far was less than that of the president. Flynn will certainly not be the last.

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