Higher senior HSE numbers increase with 80pc

  Dara Calleary. Photo: Tom Burke
Dara Calleary. Photo: Tom Burke

  Laura Larkin

The number of senior managers in the HSE has increased by 80 percent in just six years, according to new figures released to Fianna Fáil.

There are 1329 employees working in grade VIII or higher, compared with 744 in 2012.

The salary scale for an administrative employee of Grade VIII starts at around € 48,000.

Deputy leader of Fianna Fáil Dara Calleary said the recruitment crisis in the front line staff clearly does not relate to management.

He said that the increase in managers did not lead to improvements in service in the past six years.

"Every time a delegate from Dáil gets up in Leinster House that informs about waiting lists or services, we are constantly told about the difficulties in recruiting staff on the front line and the shortage of staff," he said.

"This is clearly not applicable in the management qualities, where there has been an almost 80 percent increase since 2012.

" Certainly, we did not see an 80 percent increase in nurses or doctors at that time. If we had, there would be nearly 5,000 additional doctors and 20,000 more nurses, "he said.

" Many people will wonder what these additional managers have brought to the health service. "

Officials have repeatedly warned about recruitment and custody in the service.

The terms and conditions of Irish health professionals are being reviewed by the Public Service Pay Commission (PSPC), a process to be completed by the end of this year.

Mr. Calleary claimed that elements of health care have deteriorated since 2012, when there were fewer managers.

"The HSE has previously claimed that improved management and governance leads to better outcomes for patients," he said. 19659005] "Especially in terms of emergency relief overcrowding and waiting lists, things are much worse than in 2012."


The government has been under increasing pressure in recent weeks as the crisis in health h service extended until the summer. [augustus1905] August figures on trolleys reached a record high on the day Secretary of Health Simon Harris published an imple Mentation strategy for long-awaited reform that was confronted with criticism when costs were withheld.

M. Harris has said that the strategy, Sláintecare – a 10-year reform plan for the HSE – will look at issues of recruitment and retention of staff.

Following a parliamentary question from Stephen Donnelly of Fianna Fail, the HSE said that the number of staff at the National Director, Assistant National Director, General Manager and Grade VII level accounts for about one in 100 staff.

"These employees play the key role in management, more regulatory and governance functions in the provision of health and social care services, against a background of continued major restructuring of health services," said the HSE.

The Dublin Midlands Hospital Group has the highest number of managers at 106, wh There are 559 managers in the Community Healthcare Organizations (CHOs), nine of whom are.

Previously, the HSE pointed to the establishment of CHO & # 39; s and hospital groups, which are part of a health care reform to decentralize decision-making. making.

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