Homeless man tells that he had a knife with him because people always put a cup he used for begging

Van Liam Heylin

A man begging in the street was caught with a knife in his pants, but he claimed that the only reason he wore it was that he was tired of people begging the cup he used.

Judge Olann Kelleher imposed a four-month prison sentence on Roy Edmonds, 31, from Cork County Simon, and said he did not accept that as an excuse for Edmonds who carried the knife.

Judge Kelleher said that wearing a knife in the center of Cork was too serious and he was imposing the prison sentence.

Garda Brendan Ryan met the accused on August 19 and a knife in his pants was hidden in Oliver Plunkett Street.

Edmonds admitted it was for his own protection and said he was fed up with people taking his cup.

Three days earlier he was found to be drunk and a danger to himself on Patrick Street in the middle of the afternoon.

On September 15, he actively begged at 4.30 pm. on Maylor Street that obstructs the passage of pedestrians on Patrick Street, Cork, by begging.

Inspector Gary McPolin told the court in Cork that the accused had 165 previous convictions, including counts for begging.

Eddie Burke said that in general the defendant gave gardaí no problem in meeting him and working together once he was arrested.

Judge Kelleher said in connection with carrying the knife: "I do not accept that it is correct to do for your own protection."

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