Homeless Tallaght mother Margaret Cash said she had to leave a three-bed accommodation at the end of the week

A mother in Dublin who slept in a guard station with six of her seven children has been told that she has to leave her accommodation before Friday.

Margaret Cash, 28, reached national headlines two weeks ago when she placed photos of her six sons who were sleeping in Tallaght garda station.

Since then she has been housed on a weekly basis by the city council with her seven children in an apartment on Parnell Street.

But now she is told that she has to leave on Friday because the landlord rents the student houses in September.

She posted on social media and said that she & # 39; can do everything & # 39; believe what Dublin City Council says to her and that they have now told her that they will be somewhere else for her on Friday.

Margaret Cash speaks with the Dublin Live reporter Laura Lyne

She said, "So the city council said they would come Friday, somewhere else, because how long we do not say it, I can not believe what they say."

Before she received the three-bed apartment on Parnell Street, Mrs. Cash was housed at the expense of the volunteer group Inner City Helping Homeless.

She continued: "The landlord needs the apartment because he lets it rent from September 2. The council has established my hope, they said it was a long term on a month to month basis, something like what I tell my children. really can not break the head with this feeling. & # 39;

Earlier today, against the Irish sun, Margaret said she was afraid to tell the children that they need to be uprooted again.

Miriam O & # 39; Callaghan with Margaret Cash and her children

She said, "How can I tell them? They are settling down and putting the posters on their walls.

The council says that they will have a flat on Friday, but how can you trust them after what has happened?

"They said it was still temporary and we would follow a trial month, and hopefully it would then be semi-permanent."

Earlier this week, Cash said trolls had flooded her Facebook since the story broke.

Margaret, who has been on the housing list for 11 years, said that trolls have flooded her Facebook page since her story went around the world.

Asked about the backlash she has received on social media, Ms. Cash says she is "ashamed" that she and her seven children are in this situation.

She said, "I'm ashamed, but what can I do if I have nothing else? At the end of the day this homeless thing can happen.

"Nobody knows what lies close to them, I would wish no one."

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