Interchangeable weather this week because moisture shortages vary

Interchangeable weather this week because moisture shortages vary

A variable week consisting of rain, drizzle, fog and intermittent sunshine is expected for the coming days, according to Met Eireann, as a large variation in soil moisture shortages in the country remains clear.

Today it will be mostly cloudy, with drizzle of fog, mist and fog; but there will be some sunshine later in the day, according to the national meteorological office.

It will be humid with top temperatures of 17 ° to 22 °, the highest above East Munster and South Leinster. The wind is expected to be slightly variable or southwestern.

It will be foggy and mostly cloudy tonight, with some precipitation, drizzle and fog prediction. A mild and humid night, with light southern breeze, is given, with lowest temperatures ranging from 13 ° to 16 °.

An updated blight warning – issued on Saturday 18 August at 6 pm – remains in place due to the occurrence of weather conditions conducive to the spread of potato blight.

The meteorological office is said to be drying reasonably well in the coming week, between rain or rain.

The possibilities for spraying will be limited, but there will be some, especially in the south and east.

In terms of field conditions the soil vapor shortages remain high in the central and eastern parts of Munster and in a large part of the southern half of Leinster, between 50 mm and 70 mm, leading to some restriction of growth and little or no change expected in the coming period. week.

Soil vapor shortages in Connacht, West Ulster and along the western coast of Munster, as well as in the far southeast, are however much lower, even below 0 mm in parts of Ulster and Connacht, where some soils become saturated.


Tomorrow (Tuesday 21 August) will also be mostly cloudy, with rainy fog and fog.

There will also be good dry periods, with some warm sunshine over Leinster and the east of Munster, says Met Eireann. A tidal wave of persistent rain will develop on the western and northwest coast later in the day.

It becomes hot and humid, with top temperatures of 18 ° to 23 ° – possibly higher with prolonged sunlight. Moderate south- to south-westerly winds will be fresh, according to Met Eireann.

Tomorrow night it will be windy, with fresh and windless south to south westerly winds. We also expect widespread rain for a while, which will be heavy in some places, including some hill and coastal fog.

It will be close and humid with the lowest temperatures remaining at 12 ° to 15 °. However, an evacuation will develop late in the night in the northern and western areas.


Further rain, fog and low clouds are predicted in the eastern areas early on Wednesday, but the drier weather above Connacht, West Munster and Ulster will soon spread to all areas, which is a largely dry and clear afternoon with occasional sunny periods with entails.

The upper temperatures will generally be 16 ° to 18 °, but this can be 19 ° or possibly 20 ° in eastern areas.

It should be dry early on Wednesday night, but further rain or showers will develop as the night progresses.

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