Irish bishops are dropping funds that have been invested in companies with fossil fuels

Bishop William Crean confirmed the decision
Bishop William Crean confirmed the decision

Irish bishops will divest all their funds in fossil-fueled companies as part of their commitment to tackling the crisis of climate change.

Bishop William Crean, president of Trócaire, confirmed the decision at an interreligious conference on climate justice at Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin.

The bishops have tried to make a connection between the World Meeting of Families and Laudato Si, pointing out the connection between the care for the human family and the broader family of God's creation.

In July Ireland made history when it became the first country in the world to implement a law that forced the State to divest all its positions in companies that produce fossil fuels.

Passing on the Fossil Act for the disposal of fossil fuels was praised by activists in the climate action as a blessing for efforts to put other countries under pressure to sell fossil fuel investments in industries that have made a significant contribution to the climate change.

The milestone for the sale of divestments was a first among the 195 countries that have signed up to the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. It requires the State's Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) that all public money from the peat, oil and gas companies will be divested nationally. and internationally "as quickly as practically possible". It is assumed that more than € 300 million is at stake.

Although a number of religious orders have already committed themselves to get rid of fossil fuels, the Irish bishops are the first episcopate in the English-speaking world to take this radical step.

Dr. Lorna Gold of Trócaire said the decision was "about the church here, saying that we are with Pope Francis, we agree with his vision, we are for the future".

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