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An 85-year-old man has gained internet fame and a manager's thanks after video's from security cameras have shown him that he would tackle three potential robbers at a sports tournament over the weekend.

Denis O & # 39; Connor was seen on CCTV images at Bar One Racing in Glanmire when three people with masks walked into the store.

Two of the men reportedly had hammers, while one held a sawed-shot shotgun, CBS News reports.

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In the video, two of the men run in and jump over the counter with the third man holding the weapon on O & # 39; Connor while another patron hides beneath a table.

While the two men at the counter start threatening the manager and demanding money from the safe, the revolver goes off the camera, while Connor moves to the other two alleged robbers and takes one of them into battle.

A man in a gray hoodie with a hammer quickly runs away while O & # 39; Connor is chasing him. A second camera shows the manager, Tim Murphy, struggling with another potential thief who also held a hammer.

The video shows the first man who turned on Connor, running out of the bar, while the man with the gun went to the door with his weapon trained on the 85-year-old great-grandfather, who had previously picked up a bar stool, let it fall and stay chasing the two out of the store.

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By the time they left, the second hammering man was forced by Murphy behind the counter, while Connor then tried to stop him, first stumbling as he ran. The man falls down once, while the gun defender returns briefly. O & # 39; Connor kicks the other robber again, so he falls again before they all leave.

Murphy told RTE in Ireland that he was grateful for the intervention of O & # 39; Connor.

"I am indebted to Denis, it was an incredible prowess from him," he said.

According to the Gardai, the Irish police, they are searching for CCTV footage for a black Volkswagen Passat used by the robbers and asking for witnesses or people with dashcam images to contact them.

While the theft was thwarted, the Gardai still did not advise people to intervene if faced with a similar situation.

"There is a big risk factor in trying to include people who come in to carry out a robbery," Supt. Mick Comyns said.

O & # 39; Connor is not trying to enjoy his newly found fame, because he refused interview requests.

On Monday, he also played a bit of golf and reportedly hopes to skip the publicity.

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