Jeff Sessions returns to Trump after Fox News attack

Jeff Sessions, the US Attorney General, has turned back against criticism from his boss, US President Donald Trump, and claims that the US Department of Justice will not be "improperly influenced by political considerations".

The remark came as a plea deal struck by the one-time personal lawyer asking the president about what legal consequences the Trump administration might face – and how Mr. Trump might respond.

Mr. Sessions – the former Republican Senator from Alabama who was selected by Mr. Trump to lead the Ministry of Justice – said in an unusual public statement on Thursday: "I took control of the Justice Department on the day that I was sworn in. Although I am Attorney General, the actions of the Ministry of Justice are not improperly influenced by political considerations. & # 39;

Mr. Sessions' statement came after Mr. Trump told Fox News in an earlier interview on Thursday that he had "appointed an attorney general who had never taken control of the Justice Department" and reiterated previous criticism of the Lord's decision. Sessions to reuse themselves. special advice Robert Mueller's research into alleged Russian interference with the 2016 elections.

Mr. Trump made no secret of his misfortune with Mr. Sessions, after he had gone to Twitter in the past to get the attorney general & besieged & # 39; to name and describe some of his actions as & # 39; shamefully & # 39 ;.

The president's interview came on the heels of a double hint of the Justice Department earlier this week, in which he saw former campaign leader Paul Manafort convicted of numerous federal charges, including bank and tax fraud, as well as the guilty plea of ​​the former fixer and lawyer Michael Cohen, whose statements to prosecutors seemed to imply the president in an unlawful plan to pay two women who claimed to do business during the presidential campaign.

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