Joseph Deacy & # 39; s Dad & # 39; Disgusted & # 39; By Vandalen who destroyed the memorial

Joseph Deacy's father expressed his horror after a memorial to his murdered son was destroyed by vandals.

Joseph, 21, was found dead on August 13, 2017 on the driveway of a friend's house in Swinford, Co Mayo.

A judicial investigation found that the young man, originally from St. Albans in Hertfordshire, England, died as a result of a major head injury.

The memorial to Joe was destroyed by vandals. Pic: Mid West Radio / Facebook

His family, who last week visited Swinford for a commemorative mass that marked a year after his death, laid garlands, flowers, and photographs of Joseph along the road in the city.

A photo shared by Mid West Radio shows that the monument has been destroyed since then and that Joseph's father Adrian Deacy spoke out against those responsible.

The monument was placed on the road last week. Pic: Facebook

He said: "I am sad and disgusted with the fact that someone would sink so low that he would steal our commemorative wreath.

& # 39; The Mayo people were so nice and considerate to all my family and friends last weekend, in what was a very emotional time for all of us.

It is clear that gardai is investigating the situation. Pic: Facebook

& # 39; Someone who does this crime now, taints the kindness shown to us.

& # 39; But please, please, rest assured that while the wreath is removed, our struggle for justice for my beloved son will continue

& # 39; As we have said repeatedly, someone knows something, and hopefully they will have the courage to go to to come forward and help the guards to find the perpetrator of this brutal murder. & # 39;

Joe & # 39; s father said he was & # 39; disgusted & # 39; & # 39; due to the situation. Pic: Facebook

While gardai continues to search for information about the death of Joseph and the destruction of the monument, the local population also expressed their outrage at the situation.

A person said on Facebook: What kind of people are there to do such a thing? & # 39;

Another one said: & # 39; Omg what happened to our area is shocking lack of respect !! Shameful. & # 39;

He continues to find the killer of Joseph. Pic: Facebook

A third added: & # 39; Absolutely disgusting behavior !! No words to describe it !! This family has lost their precious son forever!

& # 39; If this is someone from Mayo who did this act, I am totally ashamed! & # 39;

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