Man wounded after being bitten by shark off the coast of Cork

RNLI photo: Facebook
RNLI photo: Facebook

A FARMER recovers in the hospital after a shark attack off the coast of Cork.

The man, who comes from Northern Ireland, was bitten when he fished about 20 km from Roche's Point.

The incident took place yesterday (Saturday) evening and the co-fishermen of the man were able to raise the alarm and offer him first aid.

It is believed that the man is bitten by a blue shark, a species that is not normally associated with attacks on humans.

The fisherman suffered severe injuries to his forearm and had lost a lot of blood.

However, the injuries are not life-threatening.

The colleagues of the man on the fishing boat were able to raise alarms and provide medical assistance while waiting for the arrival of emergency services.

Crosshaven RNLI lifeboat launched and raced to the scene.

They brought the man to the side where he was transferred by a waiting ambulance to the University of Cork (CUH).

The man – who comes from the Belfast area – has undergone emergency surgery and is now expected to be in a serious but stable condition.

Blue sharks are among the most numerous shark species in Irish waters.

However, they are not counted among species known to attack humans, such as Tiger, Mako and Great White sharks.

Although people have been bitten by Blue Sharks, they are mostly the result of fish incidents.

Only four fatal attacks have ever been registered with Blue Sharks.

The species normally feeds on small fish and cuttlefish.

They are known for their slim shape, high speed and sharp sense of smell.

Blue sharks are often hunted for food by other, larger shark species and even killer whales.

In some parts of the world Blue Sharks are valued as a game fish because of their graceful construction and enormous speed.

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