Mother killed by son begged for help at & # 39; sick & # 39; teen for death

Murder Sacrifice Noreen Kelly, from Castlebar, Co Mayo
Murder Sacrifice Noreen Kelly, from Castlebar, Co Mayo

The partner of a woman who was shot dead by her teenage son, who was high on drugs, has claimed that she is still alive, but for "a miscarriage of justice".

Michael Kelly spoke out during the investigation into the death of Noreen Kelly, of Islandeady, Castlebar, Co Mayo, who was brutally murdered by her son Celyn Eadon.

Kelly told the coroner for Mayo, Patrick O & # 39; Connor, and a jury that asked his partner for help for her son at a hearing in the district three weeks before her death on the grounds that he was "ill".

Kelly explained that his partner, then a single mother, accompanied her son to the court where he had to deal with the charges that he would not appear in court.

He added that the judge sentenced Eadon to ten days in prison and ordered that a psychiatric evaluation be carried out during the prison.

M. Kelly said that after the killings it turned out that the order had been lost.

He had intended to submit this to the jury during Eadon's next trial in the Central Criminal Court, but both the prosecutor and the defense thought the case was irrelevant.

"It's a miscarriage of justice," Kelly said. "She [Noreen] should still be here. "

Eadon was 19 when he killed his mother and stabbed her 19 times on March 9, 2011.

He currently serves a life sentence for the crime.

Eadon turned out to be a nasty prisoner and was reprimanded last year by bosses in prison after hitting a fellow prisoner in Wheatfield Prison.

The killer had been given prison rights for him after that incident.

Last May, his appeal against his conviction was dismissed by the court of appeal.

The eight-day lawsuit at the Central Criminal Court found that Eadon began to use drugs at a young age.

By the time his mother murdered, he took a cocktail of amphetamines, methamphetamines and cannabis with prescribed medication.

The court was told that Ms. Kelly had taken drugs from her son's bedroom and burned them the night before she died.


The coroner, Mr. O & # 39; Connor, told the partner of the deceased yesterday that the powers of an investigation were very limited.

He explained that the court could not take any decision regarding liability, culpability or responsibility.

A jury with seven people who held a lawsuit has pronounced a sentence against murder.

At the end of the hearing, O & # 39; Connor said that words could not express the horror of what had happened.

"To die suddenly is always a big tragedy, but to die as a result of someone's actions is everyone's biggest tragedy," said the coroner.

Supt Joe McKenna, on behalf of An Garda Síochána, and Gerry Tolster, frontman of the courtroom jury, participated in the expressions of sympathy.

Supt McKenna said he had grown up with Mrs. Kelly in Westport, Co. Mayo, and described her as "a beautiful lady."

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