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  GONE: CCTV footage of Deirdre walking home
GONE: CCTV footage of Deirdre walking home [19659003] Niamh Horan "/>

Deirdre Jacob's parents have emphasized that convicted sex offender Larry Murphy is only "one line of research" that strives for gardai in the disappearance of their daughter.

When they talked to the Sunday Independent this weekend, they said they wanted the audience to "keep an open mind" because concentration on one person would prevent others from coming forward with strong information going in a different direction. .

They said that they "generally do not make a habit" to read reports about the disappearance of their daughter, including those about Murphy's previous crimes. When asked if Murphy was in Deirdre's grandmother's shop, Mr. Jacob said: "This guest, there is one person of interest, and his work brought him everywhere in the region and much of the reporting has different times confused about when he was at a certain place, "he said.

"He never did any work in Mrs. O & # 39; Grady's shop and that is without a doubt." But he added: "Gardai has research questions about his movements in the neighborhood."

About whether or not Murphy Deirdre's grandmother went to shop to sell toys, Jacob said: "Early in his woodworking or carpentry career, he made wooden toys and went to stores they were trying to sell – that was over at least 10 years earlier, and that is the confusion that exists. "

About Mr. Murphy's notorious confession to his cellmate, Mr. Jacob said:" That's a work in progress, why I said earlier that a number of research questions of great importance [which are] are being pursued vigorously. "

As to whether they accept the recent decision to change their daughter's case in a murder investigation, Ms Jacob said:" That is what you decided and I suppose that's what we have to accept now.

"You do not want to hear something about your child like that. It is very shocking and very sad. I find it very difficult.

"But this is where we are and this is what we are dealing with and we have to be happy that they are working so hard on it."

Anyone with information can call Newbridge gardai on 045-431212 or leave a message on the Confidential telephone line 1-800-666111.

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