Older people are endangered & # 39; & # 39; if taxi & # 39; s denied access to the park

Phoenix Park is closed for taxis
Phoenix Park is closed for taxis
Shane Ross

Taxi drivers are flooded with phone calls from worried elderly people about how they can see the Pope.

The chairman of the National Transport Association said that elderly people who visit the Pope's address in Phoenix Park are "jeopardized" if taxi drivers are not allowed to enter the exclusion zone.


A controlled access area is in force from 6 am to 11 pm tomorrow.

Dublin Bus has organized a number of special papal transport hubs near the Phoenix Park in the zone.

Taxi drivers, however, are not admitted within the traffic exclusion zone.

This is something that taxi driver Tony Roe says could have a negative effect on the elderly and wheelchair users in hopes of attending the Pope World Meeting of Families event.

Roe, who is chairman of the meeting, called on Shane Ross Minister of Transportation to intervene and allow taxis to operate within the Phoenix Park and within the exclusion zone.

We were flooded with people who contacted us to order taxi's for the Pope's visit to Phoenix Park, Roe told the Bode. "But there is uproar because there is a public ban on taxis in the park.

"In the field of wheelchair accessibility, taxis are the only means of transport where they can be transported from their homes to the location.

"But taxis are not allowed in the Phoenix Park.

"So when passengers such as the elderly and wheelchair users are dumped outside the exclusion zone on the road.

"Other forms of public transport are allowed.

"It is farce and causes a great inconvenience for taxi operators.

"People will be dumped from cars and it will cause a stressful situation.


"Hopefully nothing will happen.

"[But] this taxi ban will endanger the safety of the elderly and far below the acceptable standard of reasonable behavior. "

It is expected that more than 500,000 people will attend the Mass that takes place in Phoenix Park tomorrow.

People who are planning to travel are encouraged to use public transport and not to drive to the location.

A number of park-and-ride hubs are being set up to allow the large crowds that are expected to take place.

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