PIC: People can not come across Enda Kenny's daring new look

The All-Ireland hurling final is always one of the most popular tickets in the city, so it's no surprise that a few famous faces find their way to Croke Park this afternoon.

82,000 spectators packed in GAA GQ to watch Galway on Limerick for the Liam MacCarthy Cup – but it was mostly one person who seemed to attract the most attention.

Former Taoiseach Enda Kenny was one of the many supporters who followed the exciting game, but it was the brave new of the Mayo native who quickly sees the conversation of Twitter.

Kenny was broken and made his way to the stadium, with the 67-year-old rocking a few shades and, surprisingly, a brand new beard.

Now enjoying his retirement, the former Fine Gael leader has decided to grow facial hair with his bearded appearance and become the fuel for many jokes on social media.

Mr. Kenny was the oldest to serve Fine Gael Taoiseach in history and the first to two served. successive terms in function. He spent more than 40 years at Leinster House.

And he seems to be enjoying the extra time he has left, now that he does not run the country and was recently seen rubbing shoulder with Prince Harry and Meghan Highlight on a polo match in June.

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