PICS: Croke Park currently looks like Electric Picnic for nuns

Thousands of people have descended tonight at Croke Park in Dublin to close the pope's mass to close the family celebration.

After a fairly busy day in the capital, the pope makes his way to the stadium. he will go to the stage at 7.45 am before his mass and there will be a whole series of musical and entertainment acts on the program.

The entertainment is about as Irish as possible, with Riverdance, Nathan Carter and Daniel O & # 39; Donell entering the stage to amaze the crowds.

And to be honest, the world-famous singer Andrea Bocelli will also perform, which is a pretty impressive draw.

The program at Croke Park contains tonight community-based artists and a number of well-known local and international artists, together with an orchestra of more than 50 musicians, more than 700 Irish, sean nós and contemporary dancers.

There is also a 1000 strong choir, 100 community groups and 300 flag bearers who enter the stage for the spectacle.

More than 80,000 people are present at the event and some photos look like an electric picnic for nuns.

Look at them there, have the time of their lives.

Can we also say, Marty Whelan commenting on the event on RTE2 is one of the best things about this entire Popal visit.

The Pope will enter the stage at 7.45 am, so we will keep you informed of how the party is going through the night. Do quietly at the auld holy water, we all have mass tomorrow.

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