PICS: staff of St James & # 39; Hospital opposes issuing passes with crucifix for papal visit

The permit is issued by the Office of Public Works.

Employees of the St James & # 39; Hospital in Dublin have expressed their disdain after the allocation of & # 39; essential employee passes & # 39; to all the staff who went to work in the hospital of the city during the papal visit this weekend.

Issues have arisen about the passes due to the fact that they have a symbol of religious iconography and are required to be worn on the uniforms of workers for the entire visit of Pope Francis.

An e-mail was sent to hospital staff explaining that due to restrictions throughout the city, passes will be necessary for those traveling along Garda-cordons during the Pope's visit.

A number of restrictions are being introduced for the upcoming visit – which is expected to bring 600,000 extra tourists to the city – which means that employee permits are required due to a much higher number of visitors.

The problem with such passes was first made public by Senator Lynn Ruane, who was approached by staff from the St. James & # 39; hospital, who & # 39; disgusting they were supposed to wear a symbol of Catholicism at their workplace.

Ruane called the movement "disrespectful" and declared that "they could very easily create a pass without religious iconography", adding that "so many have been hurt by the church".

Images via Senator Lynn Ruane

"The symbols of the churches should not be a necessity for them to enter their workplace. Respect is going in both directions, I think," Ruane wrote in a post online.

Solidarity TD Ruth Coppinger also expressed indignation on the pass.

"We intend to have religious liberties in this country, wearing religious symbols should be a personal choice," Coppinger wrote on Twitter.

"The St James Hospital has to hand in passes for essential workers with a religious symbol to gain access to work."

JOE handed out the office of public works – which distributed the passes – but no one could be reached.

The green-white license, entitled "Pope Francis 2019 – Essential employee card," contains the name, role, access number and employee's access date. All essential staff who arrive in controlled areas throughout the weekend will have to do this.

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