Pope Francis Ireland visits 2018: nudists must cancel plans to dress all during Pope's trip to Dublin

Irish nudists have had to cancel this plan during the visit of Pope Francis.

The pope will come down on Saturday for a two-day trip where he will lead a number of events throughout the country.

Tight security measures have been taken, warning local people in Dublin of road closures.

That's why the Irish Naturist Association (INA) had to give up plans for a naked dive in Ballyfermot on Sunday.

Stock image of nudists at Nudefest 2016 in Somerset

They explained on Twitter: "We are sorry that our Ballyfermot nude swim was canceled on Sunday, August 26 because of the traffic problems during the weekend of the Pope's visit to Dublin.

"Availability of slots in that leisure center is rare, but we will strive to get new bookings in the future."

However, it is not only bad news for the nudists, because a barren eatery in the capital is organized for Friday night.

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Tickets have already been bought and organizers write on Facebook: "Our first naturist dinner for this Friday is already sold out, but you can let us know your interest via a private message, there may be future bookings!"

Pope Francis

INA coordinator Letica Medina said the group is looking for new events to make up for the delayed naked swim.

She told The Sun: "We are interested in finding locations, I'm not sure if there are pubs or restaurants in Ballyfermot that are suitable for us."

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