Pope Francis Ireland visits 2018: Sky News shows a hilarious blooper with Daniel O & # 39; Donnell

Pope Francis was arrested in Ireland on Saturday for a historic two-day visit to Ireland.

Almost 200,000 people traveled to the Pope when the country organized one of the biggest events held in Europe all year round.

As such, both Irish and international media were busy at the event.

Sky News was one of them and on Saturday they made a big blooper.

In their TV coverage of the Croke Park concert they interviewed the main actor Daniel O & # 39; Donnell and described him as a & # 39; spectator & # 39 ;.

It did not take long before the error was posted on social media.

Daniel O & # 39; Donnell speaks on Sky News

"Seriously what's wrong with sky news – Daniel O & # 39; Donnell – spectator !!! ??? !!!" a person wrote on Twitter.

Another added: "Onlooker?"

Meanwhile, many people on social media also enjoyed the pope's reaction to the singing of the country crooner.

Daniel O & # 39; Donnell performs at Croke Park

Pope response to Daniel O & # 39; Donnell who occurs in Croke Park

One clip from the concert left viewers stuck and it seemed that Pope Francis gave an unfavorable reaction to the performance of Daniel O & # 39; Donnell.

Twitter user Mark Daniel initially shared the video on Twitter and subtitled it: "The pope who responds to running Daniel O & # 39; Donnell made my day # PopeInIreland⁠ ⁠ # PápaInÉirinn⁠ ⁠ #CrokePark."

He added: "Does not look impressed … eye rolling and everything."

It led to a huge reaction and has since been valued more than 13,000 times.

One person said: "Yes, he thought about what we all thought …"

Another added: "I wonder, who thought the Pope would enjoy this? In fact, who thought that someone would enjoy this?"

Pope Francis attends the Festival of Families at Croke Park Stadium in Dublin

Pope Francis joins an audience of 82,500 at Croke Park Stadium in Dublin

Someone else joked: "Funny enough I have the same expression when someone listens to Daniel O & # 39; Donnell."

Another comment was: "I do not see that the old Daniel will get a performance in the Vatican in the near future … unless he drives away the pigeons."

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