Prison gangster & # 39; Fat Freddie & # 39; Thompson suspected of cutting rival Gary Bryan during the feud of Crumlin-Drimnagh

Caged killer "Fat Freddie" Thomspon is suspected of rival rival gangster Gary Bryan at the height of the Crumlin-Drimnagh feud.

The sad psycho was jailed on Thursday because of his share in David "Daithi" Douglas & Murder – but gardai thinks he's behind at least 14 murders.

Killed gangster Bryan was shot for his girlfriend when he repaired a car on Bunting Road in the Walkinstown area on September 26, 2006.

He got six bullets from a pistol on the head and the murderer stood over him and pumped a few more in his prone body.

Douglas, 54, was shot six times in his head – with the shooter who in 2016 emptied the room in his victim.

One source said: "Both murders have the same MO (modus operandi) and Fat Freddie was from the start in the list for Bryan's murder.

"He was seen smirking and laughing in the area shortly after Bryan was killed, which is what he is known for. & # 39;

David Douglas was murdered in 2016

Bryan was an armed robber and assassin who worked for the Brian "King Rat" Rattigan drug gang.

Bryan was the main suspect for killing rival gang members Paul Warren and Wayne Zambra.

Thomspon was on the other side of the fat quarrel that was fueled by the murder of Declan Gavin outside a shredder in Crumlin.

He is also suspected of "active involvement" in the assassination of Joseph Rattigan (18), who was shot in Drimnagh in July 2002.

Bryan's killer and an accomplice cheered when they fled into a stolen vehicle. The source said: "There were four cars spotted in the Daithi Douglas case and he [Thomspon] was in one of them.

Fat Freddie Thompson

"Freddie was always on the action, he orchestrated the hit or was an active participant.

"That is his MO and has existed for more than 15 years." Bryan was killed as part of the historical feud of Crumlin-Drimnagh who killed 16 young men, but he was not an angel himself.

& # 39; That shooting was the nearest gardai that Thompson came up with to murder until now.

"They had hard evidence to put him in the car but because it went to the Central Criminal Court, the DPP (Director of Prosecutions) feared that Fat Freddie would honor the jury."

Sources said that Thompson was a violent psychopath, fueled by cocaine.

& # 39; Fat Freddie & # 39; Thompson

One added: "Freddie loves the whole murder case, organizing the cars, guns, shooters – that was his job for nearly 20 years, and he was always near the killings."

The cruel gangster Thomspon, 37, received the mandatory life sentence this week after his murder in the special court of the non-jury members.

The thirst of the hit man for blood shedding was used by the Kinahan cartel when the bosses saw how many blows he saved without being caught.

The source said: "That is why he graduated from the Kinahan-Hutch-feud who killed 18 people.

"The Kinahans picked him up because the other feud was burned out and they saw how good he was in organizing hits.

Gardai thinks he's involved in at least 14 murders, cars, guns, assassins, he's done it all. & # 39;

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