Protests against administrative child abuse near Dublin Castle

One of the many protests against administrative child abuse was held this morning in the Dublin Castle area.

The protest was organized by Margaret McGuckan, a survivor of historical child abuse who spent years in the children's home of the Nazareth House and campaigned for the introduction of the Historic Institutional Abuse research.

Ms. McGuckan says the protest is a symbolic gesture for the pope and the church that victims have not left.

She said, "The pope must now stand up and do something for the survivors, we need a story, we have to call the church to account.

"We want the bishops, Christian brothers, nuns, and everyone involved in the abuse of children or the abuse of children to be brought to justice.

"We need zero tolerance, they are not allowed to examine themselves, it has to be zero tolerance, nothing more and nothing less.

"It's not just Ireland, look what happened in America, people fall away from the church because they do not do what they preach."

During her stay at Nazareth House, McGuckan says she was beaten, starved, neglected, emotionally, physically and mentally abused by nuns in charge of her care.

Banners were unrolled on Dame Street in Dublin and demanded a story for the victims and an end to what they see as a papal cover-up.

Many were protesters of the global survivors' network, End Clergy Abuse, who had put baby shoes around their necks in protest for the children who died in the Mother and Baby Homes throughout Ireland.

Pete Saunders, a survivor who was abused at the Jesuit school in London, traveled from the capital of England to attend the protest.

"I came to Ireland to support survivors here.

"If this were another organization in the world, the head of that organization would be called to account for the problem within his company.

"The people involved must be brought to justice, and words are very nice, but we would like to see action."

– Press Association

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