Taoiseach is right to tweet good news

The Taoiseach retweeted an international report on Sunday. And yes, of course the content was positive; otherwise he would not have pushed it to his 173,000 followers. That is hardly the fault of the UNDP (United Nations Development Program), an organization that does what we have always demanded. Rather than using statistics on smooth GDP growth as the sole measure of a country's welfare, the use of human development markers such as availability of health, education, decent income, people's freedoms and opportunities.

Prepare now to be surprised. Ireland came fourth in 189 countries and territories. Ireland has even risen 13 places in five years. So reason for a quiet moment of it. . . hope maybe?

"Propaganda", anonymous Christybones sniffed, first about the draw. "Yes, man, the development program of the UN is trying to keep Fine Gael in power, it's all a conspiracy," Ross Frenett replied, a real person.

Cheerful message

So that has it arranged? No. Unable to leave alone, the Taoiseach had covered the UNDP tweet with its own happy message: "We have enormous challenges and many problems to solve, but we must not forget that Ireland is a great country to life and that we are very much on the right track to make it even better. "He scored more than 200 answers but it was not beautiful. For example, to set a match for tinder.

A small selection: "Lies". "Fake news". "Define great country … it must be the only country in the world where you can work better, rent allowance, medical card … or go to work, pay rent, pay medical bills, try to save for a mortgage ( not that there is one to buy). "

"Have you ever tried to really benefit from the assistance? The rent allowance is a joke …"

"Every day 10,000 people are homeless and rise."

"As long as you do not hope for help with learning disabilities."

"Try to get a heart attack in the southeast during the weekend."

"Ecologically, we are a disaster."

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