Taoiseach was disappointed about Peter Fitzpatrick's decision not to challenge the next election

The Taoiseach says he is disappointed Peter Fitzpatrick will not seek a candidate to run as a Fine Gael candidate in the next general election.

Leo Varadkar, who is in the Fleadh Cheoil in Drogheda today, told LMFM News that he has deputed with the Louth and East Meath about his decision.

He thinks that deputy Fitzpatrick would again be chosen as TD.

"Well, I spoke to Peter after he made his decision and I'm disappointed that he does not go any further," he said.

"He is a good colleague, a good TD."

"I think he would have gone through the convention, and I think he would have been re-elected as TD, but look – as I say, I spoke to him, he made his decision for his own reasons and he will continue as a Fine Gael TD representing Louth until the next election when it comes. "

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